Super Squier Guitars!

Welcome to Super Squier where Fender Squier Guitars are modded to exceed the capabilities of many Mexican Fender guitars!

So, what is a “Super Squier”, you ask? A “Super Squier” Stratocaster will be modded to have an extra 2 pickup positions (that’s what that switch is for!) for a total of 7 pickup positions. (Adding Neck + Bridge and All 3 as options for which pickups are active). And..well, let’s just list the minimum requirements as bullet points –

  • Additional 2 pickup positions (B+N & all 3)
  • Tone control for bridge pickup
  • Roller guides for tuning stability
  • Nut slots cut to Fender specs for better intonation
  • Fret ends dressed & frets level
  • Complete, professional setup
  • New, quality strings, stretched, tuned and intonated

New for 2021 Super Squiers..

All 2021 Super Squier models (being released from December 1, 2020 onward) will also include a treble-bleed to guarantee great tone throughout your volume range and Green film capacitor for that great “Fender American series tone”.

This applies to all Super Squier Stratocasters, Super Squier Telecasters and Super Squier Bass guitars. Treble bleed is a feature only seen on the Fender American series of Fender Stratocaster guitars!

Some Super Squier guitars will have some or all of these additional features –

  • Locking tuner keys
  • AlNiCo V pickups
  • Full thickness body
  • Locking strap buttons
  • CTS controls (potentiometers)
  • Custom pickguard

The above features may come stock with some of my guitars and may be custom ordered on others.

You’ll find Super Squiers and other great guitars at my main website –

New Super Squier Telecasters!

I got a total of six brand-new Squier Telecasters in; fixed all the problems these come with; did a complete and thorough setup; set intonation and installed treble bleeds to preserve the tone throughout the range of the volume dial.

As of November 30, there are just three left, so hurry! Check them out on (They’re long gone, but ask and I’ll build one for you!)